Episode 014: Setting the Tone for Disney-Style Service Standards with Vance Morris

Vance Morris is a Service Trainer & Management Alumni of the Walt Disney Company. He now coaches companies to create magical and profitable service cultures in their businesses through his companies; DELIVER SERVICE NOW INSTITUTE (DSNI) and The Marketing & Entrepreneurial Growth Alliance (MEGA).

With Vance’s background and experience, he wanted to find a business that he could add his special touch of high level customer experience to. He found a franchise to work with that had strong systems and processes already in place.

“They already had a framework that I could work from and then take that and be able to add to it what makes me special, and provide a complete service powerhouse.”

Vance Morris shares about a service technique that he uses in setting the tone for reciprocity by providing a housewarming gift to clients.

He was able to implement different qualities and concepts from Disney into his business, including providing a monthly newsletter highlighting the company’s level of customer service and detail.

“I think it is very important that you educate your clients and educate your customers, especially when it comes to the details you are providing.”

Another thing Vance has implemented from Disney is having a set of service standards. He notes that for over 50 years, Disney has had the same standards in place.

“You know Disney only has four (guiding principles) that have been with them for 50 years now and they are: Safety, Courtesy, Show, and Efficiency. I have taken that 100% into my business.”

Vance Morris feels that businesses have been too focused on profitability and cost cutting, which has led to a major decline on customer service.

“They have created a department called Customer Service when in fact it should be everyone’s job”

He is really excited about being part of a mastermind group, and says the help and support you can get from other businesses owners is phenomenal.

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“Be Our Guest” by Disney Theodore Kinni

“Good To Great” by Jim Collins


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