Customers: How To Get Them and How To Keep Them

Like most business people, you know that customers are the lifeblood of any business. Without them, you don’t even have a business. There is such a fine line between sales and service. You can’t have one without the other. Which actually comes first? Can you even get the sale without giving good service? Service is not something that starts after the sale has been made. It starts at “Hello”.

Here are a five ways to keep your customers:

Establish rapport

We know that understanding customers is the key to giving them good service. So, how do we go about understanding them? All customer-facing functions need to get to know customers on a one-to-one basis as each person deals with them face-to-face; in that way individuals can anticipate each customer’s requirements and exceed expectations. Any representative of your business will need to maintain a professional attitude to their job – especially if it is customer-facing. It’s up to each and everyone to make customers feel welcome. The skills involved in building ordinary relationships and establishing contact and rapport with customers are basically the same. Customer-facing people need to be comfortable using these skills in order to do their job well.

iStock_000020434977XSmallKeep your word

In order to keep your customers coming back over the long term, you have to do it right. When you are working to create a brand, you are working to create a belief that has lasting value for your customers. That means keeping the promises you make and even the ones you imply. Building a powerful, lasting brand means involving the entire organization – including sales, customer service, shipping, product design, marketing, and so on.
Make it all about your customer

Nurturing relationships with your customers is a crucial part of growing a successful business. In this age of automation and innovation, caring for your customers has never been more important. At any moment, an unhappy customer can share their opinion with the masses through social media and the web and negatively affect your business. That’s why it’s even more important than ever to create an excellent experience for your customers to help develop your company’s relationship with them into love. Creating a customer-focused culture of this nature is a business opportunity that should not be overlooked. Most businesses are failing when it comes to the customer experience, which is your opportunity to swoop in and enchant those same customers into falling for your company.

Go above and beyond

Going above and beyond is when a company delivers an over-the-top WOW level customer service experience and is just a little above average, all of the time.  That’s what the best companies do.  As a result, they deliver beyond their customers’ expectations.

Going above and beyond involves making customers “feel special” and helping them out even when it may not make sense. Putting your customers first will help you increase your revenue in the long run.

thank-you-583x410Thank your customers

In business, it’s all about customer retention. So, how do you keep your existing customers coming back for more? Try sending customer appreciation emails. By doing so, you remind your customers about the great value they receive from your company and make them feel appreciated. A variety of genuine customer appreciation emails can help you thank customers for being part of your success. They can also break the routine of newsletters, event emails and offers, while maintaining trust and connection. These emails don’t need to be long or elaborate. In most cases, you can keep it short and sweet with a heartfelt note that conveys your appreciation.


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