Is This Podcast For You???

Well, if you are a business owner, manager, supervisor or just someone who wants to make money – do you want to understand what your customer experience should be, do want to have a culture where your employees see, feel and live your vision, do you want to increase your bottom line? Do you want to have a business where you have Raving Fans? Well you are in the right place – this Podcast is for you! 

This Podcast will also be helping you to develop as an individual – Customer Service is a lifestyle….it’s who you are at work, at home, at church and anywhere – the same person all throughout. We will be speaking with personality experts, psychologists, fitness coaches, dietitians and so much more! Our strategy will not only be about helping you to grow a business but helping you to grow your people holistically in the six dimensions of wellness – physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, socially and environmentally. If your team members are balanced in all dimensions – you will have a robust, diverse, explosively awesome customer experience that no matter what your competition does – the experience and people will be irreplaceable!!! 

We aim to provide our listeners with mind-blowing, eye-opening, out-of-the box techniques, strategies and immediate actions that can be injected into their businesses and culture to really be a service leader in their respective industries. Customer Service may seem like one of those topics that is simple and only related to team members in the customer-facing departments, however, it is so much more than that! We know that customer service is the responsibility of every employee in a company from the CEO to the person that sweeps and wipes the floor. Many companies view training and development as an expense rather than an investment – we will challenge the mindset, status quo and actual drivers of companies who offer great or poor customer service.

We are going to go through a series of interviews with global entrepreneurs, bestselling authors, subject matter experts, service leaders and educators to provide you with the best tools for theoretical interpretation and practical application within your business or life.

My journey as a business owner and mother has been spectacular – every day for me has been a new and amazing experience meeting new people and understanding what they do and why they do it. The concept of this Podcast was conceptualized on the basis of finding a medium that would allow more people to understand the importance of customer experience, the impact and ROI that positive customer experiences can have on the bottom line of your business. We want to share with the world the magical formula for creating the DNA for employees that eat, breath and sleep delivering a memorable experience!


I am really looking forward to connecting with you all and I am excited to start this journey with you too – A great way to reach me through Social Media is on Twitter – our Twitter Handle is @navigatingCX.

I look forward to hearing from you and sharing with you during our customer experience journey, thanks we’ll see you soon!