Episode 007: Changing Perspectives in Business and Life with Amy Cannatta

Amy Cannatta is a business and vibrant living coach whose goal is to help others bring their vision to life. She does this by giving them the tools to take their passion and make it a reality. Amy is an international best-selling author and the host of the “Concept to Cash Flow” Podcast, where go-getters learn how to kill it in life and business from successful entrepreneurs.

Amy Cannatta is very passionate about how changing perspectives can turn tragedy into personal transformation. She was a domestic abuse victim that persevered and went onto raise her two daughters while completing her doctorate. Amy talks about how she grew up as a child and the values that were taught to her while growing up on a farm.

“It’s really one of these skills that are kind of ingrained into my DNA, to take something and figure out how to either make it useful or reuse it; it’s the “outside of the box” thinking and also the hard work and perseverance.”

Amy had a successful chiropractic business but decided to move into the online space and start her coaching business.

Amy Cannatta explains how she sees customer service and why it is the heart and soul of a business.

Customer service is what builds the business’ reputation, and reputation is something you cannot put a price on. It is one of those intangible benefits and value that a business has.”

When a business owner is creating a service culture, Amy gives advice from her own experience in business whether it is on or offline.

“If you don’t share with the people who are around you what is important to you, what your mission and your purpose are, then they’re in the dark, just kind of guessing. They don’t understand the culture; they don’t understand what you value because you haven’t communicated that with them.”

One thing Amy does in her practice that pushes her clients forward to get results in their own business is, she is willing to get “down and dirty” with her clients and do the work with them.

“I’m not one of those coaches that just talks for an hour on the phone and says, “have a nice day, here is your homework”. If they need help, we do it together.”

Amy Cannatta makes sure that the other people on her team sees her vision and the direction she wants her business to go. This is one thing that helps maintain the motivation among staff.

“Getting them onboard, making them feel like they understand the vision of the business (is important).”

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