An Unexpected Service Experience


Unexpected Service Experience – Companies must practice customer service – Each time I have an appointment with a client, I make it a habit to be very observant of my surroundings as well as the behaviours and attitudes of the employees. Upon arrival at the  client’s location, the security at the gate greeted me with genuine courtesy and concern – he asked me politely, “What was the purpose of my visit?” and he also guided me to my parking space. So I am very pleased with the service experience so far because it has been my experience consistently that security guards are unfriendly and usually very defensive in their tone upon arrival at a business place so you can just imagine I was pleasantly surprised!


I have exited my vehicle and now I proceed to the entrance, the receptionist greets me with a warm smile and asks how she may be of assistance and I advise her that I am here or a meeting with X person  for 11:00 am. She then says “Welcome Ms. Grant, the previous meeting has been over-extended, however, I will advise X client that you have arrived, would you like to have a seat?” During my wait, many persons passed me in the waiting area and I must say that 95% of all persons greeted me warmly and some even stopped and inquired if I was getting through. Now, after waiting for 20 minutes, the receptionist now advises me that she realizes that I have been waiting for over 15 minutes and she would like to offer me something to drink – would I like water or some coffee or tea. WOW! This receptionist has the right attitude and she is very engaged with her customers.


After waiting for 45 minutes, I decided to do some work while waiting as I realised the company has provisions for Wifi for their guests, however, the network was locked. So, I ask the receptionist if she would be able to give me the password – she speedily takes up her telephone and calls IT and gets the password. On first attempt I was unsuccessful and I ask her to confirm the password with IT again, she speedily and willingly calls back for verification – the second time around it worked perfectly. This receptionist was very hands on and she really made me feel like I was the only person she was dealing with – her sense of urgency, level of engagement and simple concern for my well being was awesome!


After waiting for an hour and a half, my client finally comes and we proceed to the meeting room for our meeting. Before the meeting starts, I am offered lunch and given a choice as well. Approximately 10 minutes into our preliminary discussions – the lunch arrives and it is plated with cutlery and water as well as desert. I was just “Blown Away” by the level of hospitality extended to me as a potential supplier because the one thing I did not mention is that I was there for a sales meeting to discuss how my company can help their company in Customer Service by providing mystery shopping…….funny right????


This company gets the principle – that customer service starts at the first point of contact. They understand that the security guard and the receptionist can make or break their image. Just to leave you with some statistics that will make you understand how important the customer experience is and how painfully it can impact your bottom line and overall business – see image below




My bit of advice or two cents on customer service that I would like to leave with you is to make sure the company you work with or the company you own practices customer service at all levels because most times when things go wrong with customers – the relationship and commitment is never the same.

Blessings in Abundance



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