13StepsGraphService Culture Plan – This plan is for companies that have a minimum of 50 employees. The plan is geared towards helping the organization improve on it’s culture, core values, systems and processes and then testing to make sure the strategies that we employ are actually working. 3 Year programme geared towards all employees in the organization. Plan has a maximum of 13 programmes and a minimum of 6 programs that are implemented over a three year time span. Each program is implemented 4-6 months apart. Leading Empowered Teams (LET) is for all managers and supervisors and all other programs are for all employees in the organization and FEELINGS is are ranked as our #1 Programme globally with over 1 Million. ***See the brochures page for a detailed description of the Plan

Duration – 3 years/36 Months


leadingempoweredteamsLeading Empowered Teams for Service Quality (LET) – This is our flagship Leadership programme. In this programme we talk about what is an ideal service experience versus your actual service experience, the conscious competent model, the maturity ladder, how to confront non-performance and how to catch someone doing something right. This programme is so rich and filled with awesome tools that every leader in business needs. This programme is designed to get management emotionally committed to quality service through the 4 cornerstnes of service – quality service standards, coaching, feedback, empowerment and teamwork.

Duration – 4 Half Day Sessions Spaced One Week Apart or 2 Full Day Sessions





Feelings Retail Service ImageFEELINGS, Quality Service – 1st Time, Every Time – This programme is our flagship programme and it has been implemented with over 1 Million people globally! The programme as the name suggests focuses on your feelings and your emotions as an employee and how to manage that – feeling good about yourself, practicing habits of courtesy and self-care, using caring communication verbal and non-verbal, listening and asking the right questions, performing to the best of your abilities and learning. Program designed to launch the quality service concepts, create/build commitment throughout the organization. Workshop topics include self-esteem, communication, listening, keeping promises and handling difficult situations.

Duration – 3 Half Day Sessions Spaced One-Week Apart or 1 Full Day and a Half Day

***Please note FEELINGS is industry based – Financial (FEELINGS for Professionals), Health Care and Hospitals (Feelings for Health Care), Tertiary Education (Connections) – content is the same, however, vignettes on DVD are applicable to the industry





empowerment2-SQIEmpowerment: A Way of Life – This program is geared towards all employees and will define the different ways that empowerment can benefit the customer, organization, and employees. We will also cover how to create a culture of empowerment, explain why empowerment has been so difficult to achieve and demonstrate what empowerment should look like

Duration – 2 Half Day sessions spaced one week apart or 1 Full day session








SPEED – SPEED gives your employees the SPEED mindset and empowerment to produce quick, quality and unexpected turnaround everytime. We will define the internal and external barriers for SPEED, show the relationship between empowerment and effective use of SPEED, show employees that waiting until the last minute does not leave time to overcome problems

Duration – Two Half Day Sessions spaced one week apart





MOVING-UP-PictureMoving Up – Career advancement workshop that helps employees understand their self-imposed limitations, and then believe in themselves, and then believe in themselves in order to achieve their goals and make their dreams come true.

Duration – Two Half Day Sessions spaced one week apart







remember-me-sqiRemember Me – Program designed for all team members to remember names and special characteristics and traits about customers and use them continuously in all interactions face-to-face, over the telephone and via email and/or social media.

Duration – Two Half Day Sessions spaced one week apart









loyal_for_life_packageLoyal for Life – How to take a customer from hell to heaven in 60 seconds or less, service recovery techniques – act quickly, take responsibility, be empowered and compensate

Duration – One Full Day Session








Exeptional_ServiceExceptional Service – Program designed for all employees in the organization that will focus on areas that will generate exceptional customer service

Duration – One Full Day Session









Bad_New_ImageB.A.D. Idea Campaign – A 30 Day idea campaign designed  to eliminate waste and costs. The campaigns are uncomplicated, involve the entire team, easy to implement and arouse interest because they use recognition and are designed to be fun.

Duration – 30 Days









GOOD_IDEAGOOD Idea Campaign – 30 Day Campaign that puts focus on quality and customer satisfcation. An exciting campaign that gets widespread employee participation built on the premise that people closest to customers and their challenges faced daily will have worthwhile ideas.

Duration – 30 Days







SFVLService 1st DVD Library – 12 DVD’s that cover different customer service topics that highlight and re-inforce concepts of customer service – the topics of DVD Library include:- Your Key to Customer Satisfaction, Teamwork Development, Handling Complaints & the Irate Customer, The Language of Positive Communication, Effective Questioning & Listening, Exceeding Customer Expectations, Value-Added Service, Effective Telephone Techniques, The Art of Satisfying Customers, Service Recovery, Empowerment and Total Quality Service

Duration – 12 Months if implemented by PTOS or no set duration if bought and implemented by the client







customer-satisfactionCustomer Satisfaction Survey (CSS) – Surveys geared towards customers where we address the overall quality of service the company provides the customer such as wait time, speed, knowledge of company’s products and services, referral based on experiences with the customer (NPS) and overall satisfaction. Sample CSS

Recommended Duration – Quarterly or Monthly









shopping-1015437_640Mystery Shopping – a comprehensive audit on the customer experience at your business. As certified shoppers by the Mystery Shopping Providers’ Association – we assess the face-to-face visits for each business, the telephone correspondence and email correspondence. Our standard visits are one face-to-face visit weekly, two telephone calls weekly and one email correspondence weekly per location.

Our sophisticated and world-rated survey software – Survey Monkey Mystery Shopping Software along with our expert data analysis allows clients to see at a glance how their business is doing and how their customers feel.

Recommended Duration – Monthly, Quarterly or Semi-Annually





PTOS Telephone PhantomTelephone Phantom – this phantom  allows the company to assess each employee and the protocols attached to their job functions. For example: if a company has 200 employees – PTOS will call each extension monthly and ask questions about a particular product or service the business offers, however, we assess how the extension is answered, how may rings does the telephone make before it is answered, does the employee identify the department and their name, does the employee have voicemail that is clear and specific – name, department and courteous message if the extension is not answered. This telephone phantom allows the company to keep in check with their service standards and customer guarantees.

Recommended Duration – Monthly, Quarterly or Semi-Annually







Capture Every Moment Sales DevelopmentCapture Every Moment (Sales Development Program) – Sales development program geared towards helping organizations build long lasting relationships with customers rather than simply winning accounts.

Duration – 6 Half Day Sessions Spaced One Week Apart



mcxir-promo-image-for-websiteOnline Course
Mastering Customer Experience and Increasing Your Revenue – this course will provide you with the knowledge, tips and principles required as a business owner, manager or entrepreneur to be successful and transform your customer experience. In our course we discuss the key principles behind effective customer experience and the impact on revenue under the following headings:

1. Characteristics of a Leader and the importance of your role within the organization. 

2. Defining Customer Experience and the impact on your business and what customers want when they come to do business with you whether online or offline. 

3. Complaint Management and how important it is to hug your haters and really embrace the art of complaints as an opportunity to improve and promote loyalty.

4. The Customer Retention Value Calculator and why creating an exceptional customer experience that retains customers is good money for your business. We also discuss the a customer lifetime value and how important it is for entrepreneurs and companies to focus on repairing the service experience when things go wrong. 

5. The Value of Referrals and Customer Reviews and how can you increase your percentage of reviews and referrals and what does that mean for your business.

This is a fun, informative, engaging and content rich course with all the tools you will need to be well on your way to delivering a WOW experience and increasing your bottom line!

Duration: 10 Modules (total) Dripped 2 modules per week

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