Episode 002: Marketing, Customer Service & Enjoying What You Do with Zachary Harding

Zachary Harding is the President of The Phoenix Group and Chairman of Hyperion Equity, a private investment firm focused on raising capital, investing in and growing businesses through strategic partnerships, government linkages and marketing campaigns. Over the years, he’s developed a solid reputation in investing, senior management and strategic marketing. He’s has often been dubbed a “rainmaker” and marketing guru based on several ultra-successful brand campaigns in turnaround situations. He is a frequent public speaker who presents on many topics such as breakthrough thinking, emotional intelligence, customer service and marketing strategy.

Zachary says he approaches new things with the view of changing it and making it better.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to have experiences that were transformational”

He believes that there definitely is a correlation between marketing and customer service. Companies are trying to sell as many products to customers, as often as possible, for the highest price.

“The only way you can really achieve (these things) is by delivering a good experience to the customer”

Zachary recommends CEOs and senior managers try “being the customer” by visiting their own retail locations.

“Emersion of the leaders in the actual experience will give them an opportunity to evaluate and to improve (the customer experience)”

Customer service isn’t static, and it’s always changing. He gives the example of live systems being used at banks where you don’t have to go through multiple menus, but instead speak your instructions.

“You have to also be adjusting for that awareness of the consumers’ time and what their experiences are”

He believes that businesses have to look at customer experience in the context of comparison in relation to other experiences. Companies shouldn’t just look at their direct competition when doing this.

Two ways that companies can collect information on their customers’ experiences is to do research on the Internet, and to collect their own data.

Zachary Harding notes that with the emergence of social media, we have become what he calls a “Snapchat Generation.”

“Social media has caused us to be a very impatient society; it has given you the ability to fast-track through experiences.”

Corporations have to use social media differently than traditional media, and he recommends people read the book “The End of Marketing as We Know It” by Sergio Zyman.

“No one will know what the next thing will be. It’s changing all the time.”

To stay motivated, Zachary takes on exciting challenges.

“Every day, I just try to enjoy whatever it is that I’m doing”

The most useful resources that he uses daily are Google and YouTube.

Zachary Harding said his most impactful book is “Purple Cow” by Seth Godin.

“You always have to be doing something to grab people’s attention. As great as you were yesterday, today people will absolutely forget about you.”

To motivate employees, he recommends that you have to be motivated yourself. The easiest way to do this is to do something that you’re passionate about. If what you’re doing isn’t your passion, you can make it more enjoyable by giving yourself small challenges.

He’s been working on getting in the best shape of his life, by age 50 (Zachary is now 41 years old).

The quote, or mantra, that he lives by Maya Angelou:

“People forget the things that you say and the things that you do, but they’ll never forget the way that you made them feel”





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