Episode 035 : How To Unleash Your Greatness with Brett Campbell

Brett Campbell, from journeyman cabinetmaker to fitness entrepreneur having built one of the fastest growing fitness brands in Australia is a man on a mission and he’s living the dream life of a young and successful entrepreneur. Impacted and inspired by the passing of a childhood friend, Brett is now taking his mission to the next level, helping the generations of entrepreneurs and professionals realize their true potential and assume a life of freedom and abundance that is possible for all who dare to take charge of their destiny. Brett’s mission is to help over 100 Million people discover, design, develop and deliver their passion and expertise to the world so that they can make more money, help more people and ultimately live a lifestyle of their design. Brett is also the owner and CEO of Fiit International, a global health and fitness company whose products and services have helped over 45,000 clients and the Authority Academy, an online community for Internet marketers, coaches, speakers and small business owners. He’s also the founder of the Unleash Your Greatness Movement, an international live event series to help others pursue living the life of their dreams. Having grown up in New Zealand, Brett now lives in the gold coast of Australia with his lovely wife Emily and their two pugs, Burt and Pugsley.



  • Tell us a little bit about yourself and your journey
  • On a global level, how do you feel about customer service/ customer experience?
  • Health and fitness is important, how do you think it plays a role if your employees are healthier, not just physically but also spiritually and mentally so that they can really be a well-rounded employee in order to perform in your business?
  • What are some important considerations for an entrepreneur or an online business owner to be successful?
  • What is the one online resource, website, tool or app that you absolutely cannot live without in your business?
  • What are some of the books that have had the biggest impact on you?
  • If you were sitting across the table from another business owner and they said to you that they feel they have great products and services but they lack the constantly motivated human capital, what’s the one piece of advice would you give them to have a successful business?
  • What is one thing in your life right now that you are really excited about – something that you are working on to develop yourself or people?
  • Where can our listeners find your information online?
  • What is one quote or saying that you live by or that inspires you in times of adversity?



  • Brett Campbell stated that he was born in Australia and they were living in a trailer park/caravan park, himself, his sister and his parents. One day he was playing outside and he heard his name yelled out, “Brett, Brett” and he said to himself “Oh my god, what have I done” because he was a rascal type kid. I run into the trailer park and put his head the window and it was his mother calling out his name. She said, “Brett, Brett run across the road right now and get some help”. What he was witnessing was his father has his hands on his mother and was about to throw her through the window. He just came back from the local pub so he was drunk and this was sort of the regular occurrence. He ran across the road and got some help and that was the last moment, last memory he had of his father, shortly after his mother and sister and himself jumped an airplane and moved to New Zealand to start a new life. He shared this story purely because at that age he remembered clearly and vividly, saying to himself that he will do everything he possible can in his power to make sure that his mother and sister never have to worry ever again. He assumed the responsibility of being the man of the family and that’s quite a big responsibility for a young boy to take on but it has been the driving force of every single thing he does in his life. He went through school, got kicked out of school as he was the kid that talked too much, he got a call to the Principal’s office and they say, “Brett, it’s probably better off that you leave school now.” It got to a point where he would walk into English classes and the teacher would point to the hallway and say, “You’re sitting out there today.” It got to the point where he said maybe school isn’t the best for him to harness what he was suppose to being doing on this planet, which at the time he had no clue what that was but he fell into an apprentice cabinetmaker. He became a cabinetmaker and stayed there 5 years too long because he knew from day one that was not he was made to be doing on this planet. He was good at it, became really good at it and he became the best in the factory, he was grooming to take over ownership of the factory but the reality was that something he knew he wasn’t meant to be doing and there are too many people on this planet right now in a job, in a career, doing a course at university, doing something right now that they know that that’s not what they meant to be doing and at the time unfortunate for him, he didn’t recognize that quick enough. He then jumped on an airline, left New Zealand, moved to Australia and started a fitness company. He started as a solo personal trainer, he was training time for money, he was training people and then he uncovered what online Internet marketing was and haven’t looked back since. They built a franchise, they built about 16 different products and services that cater to the health and wellness industry ranging from a franchise to an education school to online products and services and then he found the love for online marketing and building business and the natural transition of people asking him how he did and how he can help them which led into Authority Academy where he helps entrepreneurs and business owners follow what they call The Authority Road Map which is a unique framework that can help anyone out there who has the passion, the skills, the knowledge, how do you take that and turn it into a business so that you can generate a very nice, comfortable lifestyle around that.

Brett agreed that he has had a very excited and adventurous journey thus far and there is a number of things that have happened and reason why these things happen is that he is the that guy, you hear the saying, “Ready, Fire, Aim”, he let off 20 rounds first so he’ll fire, fire, fire, ops he’s ready and then aim, hence the reason why he is able to do so many things because he has had that attitude from day one which is engrained that he just doesn’t give up, he’ll keep moving forward. He just wrote his first book and he shared in it that, “We work on the right things, just at the wrong times” and it’s something for entrepreneurs and business owners to really be aware of and with the opportunity that they have right with the online landscape and how easy it is to get your message in front of people. Too many people right now are working on the right things such as: maybe it is the right thing for you to be learning Social Media and Facebook but if you haven’t got the foundations, you haven’t understand what your business is all about, why you’re doing the business that you are doing, you can certainly be like he was; build a franchise with 35 locations in 6 months then realize that maybe this franchise wasn’t the path he wanted to go down.

  • Brett Campbell stated that the customer experience is imperative, he talked about it in Authority Road Map, it is the second pillar which is Customer and Community and inside of that he talked about a concept call “Your Client Perfect Journey” “What’s the dream come through experience?”Whenever he’s working with anyone, he’ll say, “Let’s outline the first time someone hears or sees anything about you, what does that perfect journey looks like from there on?” Too many entrepreneurs, business owners do this and he admitted that when he heard about this online that you can generate thousands of leads easily online, he started to not look at each lead as a person, he was looking at them as just another number and they have generated 500,000 people on their databases and at the start they were generating 1,000 leads a day and he was just looking at them as a number. It is a very important distinction and he hears it so much now with people complaining about Social Media, “I only got 3 likes on this post that I did” or “I only have 200 people engage in this post and it used to be thousands” what we need to stop and remember is 200 people or 5 likes, that’s 5 people who have engaged with your stuff, people are taking time out of their day and so it ties back to the customer experience. You must first know that each customer is a human being with a soul, with their own issues, once you can really grasp that, it’s super important, any overall journey of a customer because what’ the goal of business is to get repeat customers, is to have people staying, paying and referring into your business.
  • Brett stated that it is imperative and he talked about this concept in his latest book called Right Now: Why Not You and Why Not Now? and it’s all about taking action right now, not tomorrow, not next week or next month and one of the pillars he talked about is the concept of the 4 P’s which comes under the developmental phase. He believes that there are 4 things that we as human beings must develop these key areas, there is the Physiology, there’s our Psychology, our Personal Knowledge and our Productivity, as an employer it’s integral that we are teaching and training our employees in the 4 key areas, so health and fitness is one and it’s imperative. If you have someone eating terrible food and you can see that they are sluggish after lunch, you need to have those conversations and say, “How is this affecting your productivity? How this is affecting your focus and energy moving forward?”because it’s all about team culture as well, you lead from example, you can’t walk into the office with a pie and expect other people to not to follow – not saying any employer should say, “this is what you have to eat if you work here” just talk about the education around it like, “Hey, I notice that at 2:00 pm you get into a bit of a tired patch, I can see that your energy shift and you can see productivity drop” You need to address those things head on. Health and fitness is one component of it, it really comes down to the psychology as well and teaching and training your employees to become aware of what is actually happening when we talk about mind, body connection, when we talk about how they are feeling.
  • Brett stated that every single business is an online business regardless. Do they produce and deliver their product deliverable online? That is probably classifies more as a capital leader online business. He thinks the biggest things once again is the beautiful luxury that we have with online space is that you can get feedback very quickly so we can create whether it’s an opt-in page or a product, you will know fairly quickly, all you need to do is send some traffic to a page and we could know within an hour whether it’s going to work or not. He stated that they just ran an Authority Academy event in the Gold Coast and one of things he was sharing with people is the concept of split testing and the luxury that we have with it is so easy, in 50 seconds you can have a brand new page split testing off each other and let the software that you are using define it but he shared this case study where they were converting, one of their opt-in pages were converting at 48% and it was over 20,000 conversions so it was pretty steady and then something triggered him to split test the page and finally converted at 58% over 10,000 conversions. Think about that number, over 10,000 opt-ins, a 10% difference, we’re talking about a lot of money when you are talking from the money you are investing to generate a client but you’re talking about the missed opportunity as well. What you need to be aware of when you are embarking online is the easability to be able to create and execute on something but also be aware that that can be all Achilles Heel for you as well because this is where working on the right thing at the wrong time really comes into fruition. For example, say you want to go from offline to online and you talk to some marketer out there who is a “coach” and they say, “Yes, you need to build a sales funnel and drive traffic to an opt-in and this is what it’ll look like.” What he sees and when people come to him and say, “We have been trying, we’ve built a funnel, we created this course or program and it’s not working.” It’s because they have lost traction and they have lost connection with the foundational components of their business and that’s really identifying what does your client really want and what does your client really need. So because it’s so easy to create a product or service and get it up online, a lot of people miss the core concept of are you delivering the right thing at the right time, what is the actual product deliverable that you are selling in exchange.
  • In reference to Yanique’s question about the Hardware Store that is now migrating online from a Brick and Mortar set up. Brett suggested that the Hardware Store should take their contact list and upload it into Facebook – have your customers connect with you, post things of value to your customers. Use video and show customers how to do things, re-purposing videos as videos are “hot” Do not be solely focused on selling your products.
  • Brett stated that the tool he couldn’t live without is ClickFunnels and Infusionsoft hands down. One that he likes right now is Trello, they use it as communication through team. It is used from a team communicative perspective.
  • Brett shared that one of the books that have had the biggest impact is the first that he jumped into which he didn’t read a book until he was 25 years old. He taught himself how to speed read but he thought it was him being lazy just skipping through, skimming pages but at the age of 25 he immerse himself in his first book called The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It by Michael E. Gerber, it was the first book that he started and was like, “this is me, they are talking to me” which is ironic because it is the story about the entrepreneur, the technician and the manager and they used McDonald’s as an example of building a business that can be franchised and duplicated and he finally went on to build a franchise.
  • Brett suggested that you need to connect with your big Why, your big mission, vision of what you truly want to be doing. He shared that he started the online world 8 years ago, all he want to do was make money online, sit on the beach and drink Piña Colada, that was the vision that he wanted but what he really wanted, his biggest vision in life is to stand on stage in front of tens and thousands of people and share the message that life’s too short to not be living to your fullest potential. If he wants to achieve this big vision and mission, there’s no way he can possible do it by himself and that’s where the concept that his friend created a framework called the EPT (Entrepreneurial Personality Type). The first thing as an entrepreneur, the question you ask yourself is “How do I get ahead, how can I help myself move forward?”when you do your first hire it’s purely on the basis of how can they help me move forward, it’s selfish act so to speak. You are giving someone employment, money and all of those things but the reason why people hire is because they need help. The next step moving forward through that is “How do we both get ahead, how do I help you now as an employee start living to your potential?” and that’s where a lot of employers get scared about, they say, “I don’t want to empower my employees too much, they would probably get up and leave.” That was limiting belief that he had and instilled in him as well until he had the conversation with a couple of different friends and one of the comments landed and it was like, “Why wouldn’t you want people to outgrow your business, it’s an amazing thing that means you have done a great job, you have helped them now go to their next level in life.” It is in agreement with his message in life is helping people live their full potential. He has people in his company now that doesn’t want to be there in the next 12 months because they are going to outgrow it. When you are around him, you are inspired to go and live to your true potential and if he has people in his company who is sitting around a computer and going, “This is not really what I want to be doing for the real of my life.” He has to understand and live with the reality that he is going inspire people around in his circle to go out to do something bigger and different. It also comes down to not being afraid that you need to have an employee that’s going to be a 20-year veteran in your company. The Ultimate Goal is Contribution – how do we contribute to someone other than ourselves – how do we get there.
  • Brett stated that the one thing that he is working on right now is definitely his book; it has been over a year in the making. He released it in October 2016 but he wrote it 1 year previously in November. It is what the book’s message actual represents as it’s not a book to him, it’s the message. It’s what’s itched on to the pieces of paper and more so now because it has been out for a couple of weeks, he is getting tons of feedback, people messaging and tagging him in posts on Facebook just sharing how much of a change it has starting to make a change in their life because it’s very practical step by step, it’s not just philosophy, it’s like, “go and try this, go and try that” so you can start seeing momentum. All we need to move forward and start living to our full potential is to start creating momentum, start creating steps right now and that’s what’s really exciting, they have tied also Unleash Your Greatness Bali escape which they run every year, which is an event they run in Bali, it’s a 5 day event, it takes people from all over the world there and it’s amazing. He is just loving being able to now be in that position of contribution. He is still building a business, he is still building businesses but to be able to take that step out and really start to have more profound impact on people’s lives.

Brett shared that the book Right Now!: Why Not You and Why Not Now? by Brett Campbell can be found at www.rightnowacademy.com/book, you can also find it on Amazon and in book stores around the world.


  • Brett shared listeners can find him at –


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  • Brett shared a quote that he has a couple and one of them is “Done is better than perfect” is critical because too many people get road blocked and stage fright on the sense that “It needs to have this before I do this” or “I have to achieve this before that.” The other one is from Michelangelo is “The greatest danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.”




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